Our Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapists

Harmony Massage has been known for excellent massage since it opened in 1998. Our friendly and knowledgeable Licensed Massage Therapists offer diverse areas of specialty, but all are experts in listening to you and understanding your needs. From relaxation to injury treatment, the massage is tailored to what will get results for each person.

Our massage therapists are interested in hearing their client’s concerns and have the goal of effective treatment for each individual person. The massage therapists at Harmony Massage offer diverse areas of specialty. We offer the very best in relaxation and stress-reduction massage and chronic pain and injury treatment massage. Harmony Massage is a member of the Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce.



License  #MA61309104

Monterae has a passion for helping people and using massage to strengthen, align and relax the body.

As a great listener and communicator, Monterae can "see" with her fingers and elbows.  Listening to your body in this way, she finds the tender or tight spots and coaxes them to relax.  With a firm belief that massage therapy is not just for physical relief, but also mental comfort and relaxation, Monterae will use a variety of techniques to make a plan with you on how to improve your body and help you relax.  She can help you feel your best!




License  #MA61235944

Mako is best known for doing targeted deep tissue work mixed with relaxation massage.  His emphasis is on finding the spots where muscular tension exists and addressing those areas with deep massage techniques.  This targets the area that is causing the pain or effecting the main issues that you are dealing with.  He finishes with relaxation massage for an overall rejuvenating experience.

Mako discovered Massage Therapy as a student of Bastyr University and graduated from Bastyr's partner school, Bellevue Massage School.





License  #MA00003915

Ashley's massages are thorough and engaging.  Her whole focus is to meet your needs for the session.

With specialty training in Swedish massage as well as treatment focused techniques, Ashley applies all modalities together to provide a fully rounded relaxation experience.  With Ashley's positive energy and focus, she is able to facilitate an environment that helps clients feel well cared for.


License  #MA00003915

Steve has been practicing massage since 1988. He received his training from Brian Utting School of Massage and Muscular Therapy Institute of Boston.

Over the years he has explored many massage modalities and uses them as needed for maximum benefit to his clients. Some of these techniques include deep tissue, clinical assessment and treatment, specific work for auto and work injury, sports massage, and Reiki.

Steve has been a member of the WA Sports Massage Team since 1989.  He has provided sports massage at the Goodwill Games, the US Open Golf Championship Chambers Bay, and the Seattle Marathon.




License #MA60039941

Deidre's focus is on creating a therapeutic experience with complete focus on each client.

With an emphasis on listening to your concerns, she will provide focused massage on the areas that you have identified.  Then she will also locate and address the areas that you may not be aware are contributing to the pain or discomfort.

In addition to Deep Tissue and Injury Treatment, Deidre has a specialty in Prenatal and Perinatal Massage.